Hello there. My name is Andy and I'm a Professional Photographer based in Vancouver, BC Canada. I specialize mostly in Portraits, Events, and Weddings. With over 10 years of photography experience, started mostly as a hobbyist and a serious enthusiast then started shooting professionally for few years now. I'm currently a full time working photographer working for two different companies. First as a School photographer photographing student portraits and family portrait sessions during the school season, second as a contracted Wedding Photographer at a Wedding Studio production company during the summers, and last I run my own Photography business. Photography consumes most of my life, either I'm out photographing or behind the computer editing. Such an exciting life ain't it. Though through out my many years of my photographic journey, I've invested a lot of money on acquiring professional camera gear, powerful fast computers for editing, monthly subscriptions for professional editing software, monthly subscriptions for my business website, went through many workshops, attended adobe photoshop classes and most of all invested a lot of time acquiring the skills for this profession. I'm always keeping up with the technology and keeping up with my gear as the gear investment never ends and without the proper tools we cannot get the job done right.


Anyhow I'm very knowledgable with the DSLR system and knowing how to control the lighting situation (ambient and flash) so for outdoor shoots it doesn't matter what time during the day I shoot at even in the worse lighting conditions (example shooting during high noon), I can control it with the proper tools. Funny as I would tell my clients I can make it whatever weather they like. You choose the time, location and I'll make it happen. As for working with me I'm very positive minded, outgoing, have a great sense of humour and fun to work with but I still keep it on a professional level (middle aged male here in my 40's). One thing I love about photographing portraits is capturing others beautiful moments. There's just that joy feeling seeing people smile while hitting the shutter button. I shoot with passion and create memorable beautiful images for clients. Photography isn't just someone behind a camera snapping the photo but we are image creators with an artistic vision creating and spending countless hours sitting behind a computer retouching. Especially long hours editing Wedding photos... "laughing" 


Well that pretty much sums up everything about me. If you're interested in my photographic services just contact me via phone (text msg is better) or email. Have a look around and see if my style fits your needs and again thanks for stopping by. Hope to hear from you soon.

For Client references and reviews you can check out my Facebook photography page by clicking the FB link down below.

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